• Introduction Stadium On Cervical Cancer

    Imagine, when at 12 o'clock, a woman close my eyes forever. And when the moment struck again points at 1, the first lady of death snatched away again. At the stroke of 2 hours, removing one more lives. And they died for the same reasons. Snatched cervical cancer malignancy.


    Cervical cancer have Stage 4, including:

    Stage I:

    Cancer is confined to the cervix and the cervix (cervical). Stage I is divided into two. In stage IA found karsioma new micro-invasive in the cervix. In stage IB, cancer has been on the cervix.
    The success rate of treatment in stage I estimated 70-95 percent. 95 percent survival rate.

    Stage II:
    Cancer has reached the uterine body (corpus) and a third of the vagina. In stage II-A, yet the cancer tissues around the uterus (parametrium). Stage II-B is the parametrium.
    The success rate of treatment in stage II, an estimated 60 percent. Survival rate of 60 percent.

    Stage III:
    In stage III-A, the cancer has reached the pelvic wall. Stage III-B cancer reaches the kidneys. The success rate of treatment of stage III estimated 30 percent. Life expectancy of 35-40 percent.

    Stage IV:
    In stage IV-A, the cancer spread to nearby organs such as rectum, bladder, kidney and other lain.Pada-B stage IV, cancer has spread to distant organs such as liver, lung, to the brain. The success rate of treatment of stage IV is estimated at zero percent. Life expectancy of 5-10 percent.

    To convey the news to all the women you know, no matter young or old this disease will surely come if she did not keep a good pattern of life. For the men also do not forget to remind your friends, spouse or anyone you know is a woman to detect early on to the nearest clinics.


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