• Heart Healthy ingredients with Garlic

    The heart is one of the most important organ in our bodies. We live in this world accompanied by the rhythm of our heartbeat. Each beat that suggests that we hidup.Fungsi's own heart to pump blood is clean and dirty pump blood to the lungs paru.Maka of the most important organ and the main thing is jantung.Jika your heart is pumping blood to crash it will be disrupted.

    Garlic & Functions:
    Garlic (Alium sativum) is one of the plants that used to live in the fields-fields get enough mountain area matahari.Batang light green garlic and the bottom is made up of several cloves are joined together into a kind of outer bulb of garlic besar.Pada surrounded thin skins peeled and if it smells very sharp.
    Garlic is one ingredient that is commonly used as food than as a complement dapur.Tapi cuisines, garlic has health benefits, you know guys, especially for jantung.Salah a substance contained in garlic is the essential oil that functions as an anti-bacterial and antiseptik.Dan garlic also has a role to prevent heart disease cardiomyopathi the leading cause of death in patients diabetes.Selain also garlic can also reduce levels of homocysteine ​​which is an amino acid as a sign of coronary heart disease.
    Garlic also helps to destroy the blockage statins work in people with coronary heart fat.
    In addition to the heart, the substance contained in garlic can prevent cancer, especially colon cancer besar.Organusulfida contained in garlic helps the liver to process the chemical substance of beracun.Dan can also garlic itself to control blood pressure.
    In consuming garlic should not be eaten raw, because it can interfere with your stomach, preferably a mixture of garlic is used in processing the food you make.
    In one study, scientists tested a compound called diallyl trisulfide in mice at risk of liver damage caused by blockage of coronary arteries.
    Treatment of blood flow was restored just before the show nearly two-thirds repair damaged heart tissue.
    Diallyl trisulfide compound produces hydrogen sulfide is present in low concentrations is known to protect liver tissue.
    Researchers from Emory University School of Medicine in the United convert diallyl trisulfide, compounds of garlic oil, a substance that can produce hydrogen sulfide on the heart.
    Generally, gas volatile and unstable making it difficult to use as a therapeutic tool because it must be injected. Given these findings, the garlic oil can be eaten immediately.
    The doctor can use diallyl trisulfide in many situations, as the findings of the researchers on the use of hydrogen sulfide.
    As quoted from Dailymail, professor of Emory University School of Medicine, David Lefer, his team are conducting research on the active drug that produces hydrogen sulphide which can be drunk.
    "It can prevent us from injecting drugs containing sulfide outside the emergency situation," he said.
    In their study, the researchers shut down the flow of rat coronary artery for 45 minutes, simulating a heart attack, and gave the diallyl trisulphide mice immediately before blood flow is restored.
    The result, these compounds can reduce the proportion of damaged heart tissue in the area at risk up to 61 percent, compared with untreated animals.


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