• Causes and Risk Factors of Kidney Leaks

    Kidney is leaking out through the urine protein exceeded normal limits. Normal limits can be known through the examination of urine for 24 hours in the lab, which produces a value of less 150 mg. Renal leak does not mean that the kidneys are leaking, but this is just a term that is easy to understand for the layman only. Because if the kidneys are at endoscopy also will not look the part where the leak.

    Symptoms of kidney disease is indicated by the kidneys to leak blood and kreatine abnormal. Normal values ​​for blood kreatine range 0.4 - 1.5 mg. So if two criteria are present in your kidneys then certainly in trouble.

    Kidney disease does not feel for the infected. But it will feel if kidney function is declining drastically. Such as leg swelling, vomiting, headache, chills, frequent urination. Therefore keep your kidneys, with lots of drinking, do not hold urine and frequent check-ups.

    Renal leak in the medical world called nephrotic syndrome, which means the accumulation of symptoms related to kidney damage in the kidneys, so the kidneys are unable to work optimally. Kidney renal leak does not mean that there are holes that lead to renal leak.

    Kidney disease is most common leak in children or infants who have abnormalities in kidney function. Renal leak can be described as the release of proteins (albumin) from the body through the urine or urine.

    Albumin or protein itself has the properties as a barrier to prevent fluid out through the blood vessels and are issued only through the urine. If the body lacks the albumin or protein, then the liquid will seep in and out easily through blood vessels, or effects that occur due to the body will have the swelling that occurs on the face, eyes and feet.

    The main symptoms that occur are the kidneys are leaking out through the urine protein, the body that lack normal levels of albumin or protein, the body becomes swollen and raise cholesterol levels.

    The cause of renal leak if viewed in terms of medical, namely a change in the lining or membrane that holds the albumin or protein as a blood filter, changed for some reason.

    In addition, an infection that occurs in the late renal organ is known that the infection is more severe or getting worse. Infections that occur in the kidneys which are the cause of renal leak may also occur in women who are in the pregnancy, even the most fatal can cause miscarriage.

    This can occur, due to the spring every woman during pregnancy requires nutrients and protein, both sources are very important and needed in large numbers, but if the nutrients and protein requirement is reduced, it is automatically reduced nutritional intake and the risk to the fetus miscarriage increases.


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