• Comparison Lungs Of a Smoker

    Smoking is harmful to the body, but can cause cancer (just watch as a pack of cigarettes, there is the danger of all), smoking also appeared to have a terrible effect on the lungs.

    Here is a picture comparison between lung non-smokers and smokers' lungs:


    Cigarette Smokers Can Kill Heart Active and Passive Smokers With Heart Various Harmful Toxins. Increasing number of heart patients caused by smoking and secondhand smoke are also affected. Described by health experts that the killer of the first 11 are heart disease and is now the No. 1 killer is heart disease. Not only were the old days when only suffered heart disease after age 50 years are now getting younger patient age, patients aged 40 and even 20's are much affected. Smokers have a 2-fold risk of heart disease and even sudden 2-4 times more than non-smokers.

    Do not feel guilty when you blow smoke in public places?
    Because cigarette smoke that you breathe to please yourself is risky to make other people affected by coronary heart disease and sudden death. Than 53,000 patients suffering from the ill effects of cigarette smoke, passive smokers alias, about 37,000 (70%) suffered from coronary heart disease. This means that they are sick of the "pleasure" you.

    Cigarette smoke contains over 4000 elements of the incomplete combustion of tobacco leaves. Some elements have associated health problems such as:

    - Tar

    - Nicotine

    - Benzene

    - Carbon monoxide (CO)

    Tar is a brown tar, can irritate the respiratory tract that can cause heart disease, bronchitis, cancer of the nasopharynx and lung cancer.

    Nicotine affects heart rate but also affects the blood vessels.

    As well as a more powerful gas CO binds hemoglobin (red blood cells) rather than oxygen. If it continues to lack of oxygen causes the body cells and blood vessel constriction, as the body attempts to balance these conditions. When CO is greater than Hb can cause death of heart muscle.

    If the automatic death of heart muscle has been ascertained as a function of the heart pumps blood meal and their substance to the entire body from head toe until interrupted. This condition is known as "acute heart attack".


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