• Weighing in End-Stage Cancer Patients Suffering

               As to whether it was the perceived pain of end-stage cancer patients? Maybe this is a question you've ever thought. However, the actual brain cancer is different from a brain tumor. So do not be equated with a brain tumor.

    Most cancer patients come late for treatment? Many factors, among others:

    • In the early stages patients often do not realize that he was suffering from cancer. Because the symptoms at an early stage is often not typical and not scary. 
    •  If the cancer has begun to spread to the lymph nodes that causes bumps, they also get less attention. 
    • When people understand that the disease is not common diseases, patients often fear checked for fear of surgery. 
    •  Patients are aware that the disease is not a common disease, and is not afraid even though there is a possibility the surgery, but the cost of treatment is often a constraint.  
              As a result of all that, the new patients come for treatment after suffering felt disturbing or frightening, such as pain, bleeding, shortness of breath, and so on. Patients suffering end-stage brain cancer (four) really can not imagine how it feels. In a day late-stage brain cancer patient may vomit blood or bloody nose 9 times.
             The more advanced stage will give increasingly severe suffering. Sometimes the suffering is unbearable by the patient. Because the severity of the suffering he suffered, he is desperate to try to commit suicide. Why do not we increase the effort to continue to use a variety of ways to be able to heal? When cured the disease would also be lost is not suffering? But it turns out that the cancer had spread to various parts of the body or to the various organs of our body, as stated earlier may no longer be cured. If we continue to pursue a variety of treatments in the hope of recovery, that we get is an increase of suffering.
          Hope I hope this article provides enough understanding of the inconvenience of cancer, particularly brain cancer patients, so that the families and loved ones not to take action that could easily offend people. For all cancer patients be brave and strong always please, cause all your beloved always be with you with all them carrying and praying.


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