• Malnourished adolescents, Old Heart Disease

    Malnutrition experienced during adolescence can affect the long run to old age, one of which is increased risk of heart disease up to three times.

    Malnutrition in adolescence can be caused by many factors, but more as teenagers on a strict diet because of fear of fatness. The teens also generally prefer energy-dense foods that are sweet and fatty foods. Although malnutrition occurs only in a short period but the effect lasts longer.

    In research conducted by a team from the Netherlands to the 8000 women known to those who suffer from eating one of the teens was over, the risk of heart disease has reached 27 percent.

    According to the Annet van Abeelen who led the research, the age of growth interrupted by malnutrition will result in metabolic disorders.

    "A strict diet and weight loss can lead to organ damage in the long run," he said.

    In addition to diet, stress experienced in adolescence is also thought to affect one's health in the future.

    Guidelines for Balanced Nutrition in a book in 2011 mentioned adolescence is a time of rapid changes so that their nutrient intake must be considered with care. Especially in this period usually adolescent physical activity more generally.

    On adolescent girls, anemia need special attention because they will become mothers. Anemia not only can lower resistance to disease, but also plays a role in the occurrence of mortality in childbirth.


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