• Minimalist Coffee Preventing Skin Cancer

    Skin cancer is the growth of cells in the skin at the level of abnormal. Cause of skin cancer is different and the level of malignancy was different. Skin cancer is most common in squamous cell layer, basal and melanocytes. Skin cancer usually grows in the epidermis (outermost layer of skin), so that the tumor (lump) can be seen from the outside, so that skin cancer is the easiest type of cancer found in early-stage symptoms. skin cancer is also the least risk of cancer death in people, this is because the skin is rarely able to reach vital organs like the heart, lungs, kidneys and brain stem in humans.

    In view of holistic therapy, the causes of cancer are the same, namely because of the oxidant substances in the body. But skin cancer can also be caused by the presence of radioactive rays, ultra violet rays, directly without the barrier (safety).
    For those of you who like to stay up, coffee was the best friend can be trusted to make the eyes stay awake. But according to a new study whose results are reported by the site Genius Beauty, coffee benefits not only to eliminate sleepiness. But also able to minimize the risk of developing skin cancer.

    Scientists who examined it comes from Rutgers University, USA. They experiment with mixing the caffeine of coffee into the sunscreen, the skin protection creams.

    It is the object of research is still conducted on mice genetically engineered to have skin cancer, but the effect appears to show positive results.

    Mice that sunscreen smeared with caffeine coffee was not his skin absorbs ultraviolet radiation from the sun, and there seems no significant progression of tumor cells.

    Whereas in mice not given caffeine coffee cream with sunscreen, the opposite occurs, leading to a negative direction.

    Up to 19 weeks of trial time, the development of mice with a cream containing caffeine up to 69% better than those who do not.

    This is because caffeine inhibits the effect of ATR enzyme, an enzyme that can aggravate cancer if exposed to sunlight.

    So, the coffee was able to minimize the risk of skin cancer and UV rays resist bad influences. You want to try, go ahead.


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