• Prevent the Risk of Diabetes with Bitter Coffee

    Commonly consumed coffee just to warm things up in the morning turned out to have remarkable benefits for health. During this time the coffee tends to associate with heart health, but who would have expected if the coffee is also shown to provide benefits to prevent diabetes or diabetes.In a recent study located at Huazhong University of Science and Technology reinforces the notion that coffee can prevent a diabetes although the mechanism is unknown.In his research, also published in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry is found if, consumption of 4 cups of coffee a day can reduce diabetes risk by 50 percent. Each addition of a cup of coffee to be consumed, the risk of diabetes was reduced 7 percent return.experts concluded that, at least there are 3 contains a natural compound found in coffee and efficacious in reducing the risk of diabetes, the three compounds are: caffeine, acid and chlorogenic acid kafeat.The risk of diabetes is always lurking every human being, this can be prevented or reduced through the consumption of coffee, in which diabetes or diabetes can be prevented is diabetes mellitus type-2 (DM type-2). Type of diabetes is diabetes that most commonly found, the numbers are approximately 90-95 percent of all people with diabetes including type 1 diabetes.Type 2 diabetes generally affects adults, although sometimes also affects children. If exposed to attacks of type 1 diabetes usually this condition is a congenital abnormality, more type 2 diabetes is triggered by lifestyle and unhealthy eating patterns.In type 2 diabetes, the body's ability to process blood sugar is reduced or may even not work at all where this can lead to blood sugar levels to accumulate. Health problems arising from these conditions are quite varied, ranging from damage to the retina of the eye, impotence in men to kidney failure.Therefore we must get used to a healthy diet and also get used to a healthy lifestyle as well so that we all avoid this dangerous health problems. Nothing wrong with taking coffee with the normal limits to prevent diabetes or diabetes attack.


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