• Beware of Diabetes, Sexual Arousal Can Lose

    Diabetes  is a disease with increased blood glucose is above normal. Where blood glucose levels regulated by the hormone insulin produced by the pancreas.Increase in the number of diabetics lately very fast, and many of them do not realize the seriousness of the disease. This is because some people do not feel the onset of the symptoms of diabetes.Especially someone older than 45 years is very important to always check their blood glucose levels every year. Many people do not know they have diabetes because diabetes symptoms treated lightly or do not feel it. To be sure you should be checked by a doctor.

    Diabetes can also reduce sexual desire. In middle age for some people has less effect on sexual life. But is not the case with people with diabetes or diabetes.Research in Chicago, USA shows, men are diagnosed with diabetes will experience a decline in interest in sexual akitivitas and some of them even have an erection problem. About 70% of men and 62% of women surveyed had sexual intercourse only 2 to 3 times a month. Research conducted on 2000 people aged between 57 to 85 years.

    Another result of this research are:

    * Prefer males showed a decrease in sexual desire when they suffer from diabetes.
    * Men are also more likely to have erectile problems when they suffer from diabetes. 
    * Male and female patients with diabetes have difficulty in orgasm. Men experience premature ejaculation and female orgasm difficult to obtain. 
    * Only 19% of women and 47% of men with diabetes who want to consult a doctor about sexual issues they face.

    The conclusion of this study is that both diabetics who experience sexual problems or who have not should always consult about problems they encounter to the doctor so that further complication of the problem does not occur.And for those of you who have experienced a decrease sek passion for diabetes, herbal supplement you can take from the Golden GoldenLife Lish - herbal capsules Derived from natural ingredients such as: Ling Zhi Mushroom, Shitake mushrooms and Black Seed (Black Cumin) with the exact composition and processed in a modern way by experts in their field that has many benefits one of which is to enhance sexual arousal.


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