• Leech Therapy for Kidney

    Kidney disease refers to a disease or injury to the kidney that may result from congenital or acquired causes.
    Apart from the fact that there are individuals born with congenital kidney disease, the main factors of kidney disease are diabetes and hypertension.
    On hypertension, kidney becomes damaged from time to time as the blood vessels deteriorate due to increased arterial pressure. If the blood vessels of the kidney is damaged, then the function to filter waste materials are also affected, in the case leaking toxins and extra fluid from happening.
    Diabetes also affects the ability of the kidneys to filter toxins and waste materials as blood sugar levels are very high placing increased demand on the kidneys to filter the blood increase. In the long term, this damages the extra work kidneyï ¿½ s ability to filter.
    Leech therapy and Kidney Diseases


    It has been found that the leech therapy can significantly help individuals to have healthy kidneys.
    Because the kidneys can be damaged by the effects of diabetes, one of which is an increase in blood viscosity, an enzyme found in saliva leechï ¿½ s (especially anticoagulant enzymes) can help prevent blood clotting or thickening of the bloodï ¿½ s consistency. Another important enzyme that reduces stress on the filtering function of the kidney is an enzyme that helps dissolve blood clots. To promote good blood flow or circulation, blood vessels dilated by histamine-like enzymes. All of these enzymes work together to help the kidneys receive a good blood circulation, thus, helps the kidneys to properly filter out toxins and waste materials from the body.
    If there is inflammation of the kidneys filtering that blocks its action, leech therapy may prove to be beneficial through the anti-inflammatory compounds in saliva ¿½ s leechï. Another benefit of leech therapy including antibacterial effects that help fight kidney infection.


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