• Secrets Healthy Heart and Brain

    You fear a heart attack and illness that attacks the brain? Do not be afraid. There are many tips and advice of experts in order to avoid a heart attack. Although, the factors gene and its changes play an important role in memory loss, brain tumors, stroke and other brain diseases.
    Health of the brain is not completely out of control. There are several ways you can do to reduce the risk of disease and injury in the brain, including:
    1. Using a helmet when driving a bicycle, motorcycle or when exercising. This rule applies to adults and children.
    2. What's good for your heart is also good for your brain. The same causes can lead to heart disease and heart attack, when there is accumulation of plaque and artery damage that can lead to stroke. Note the levels of cholesterol and blood pressure, and exercise for your brain very bermafaat and also for your heart.
    3. Train your brain with puzzle, play or do activities that you like, such as reading, studying foreign languages ​​or knitting. Experts recommend keeping the metal in accordance with your age can help deter the risk of decline in the ability of the brain.
    4. Consumption of vitamin-containing fruits, vegetables, nuts and high protein.
    5. Stay away from drinks that contain alcohol.
    6. Do not smoke.
    7. Face stress by doing meditation, relaxation or exercise.
    8. Learn the symptoms of stroke and looking for ways to help if you have one of these symptoms. Do not be lulled into believing that you are too young to have a stroke. Proven, 25 percent of stroke survivors are those who are younger than 65 years, where adults and children can be affected by stroke. Faster prevention can reduce the risk.
    9. When using a mobile phone, preferably using a headset or magnify his voice to the speaker. Although there is preliminary research that found evidence that the radio frequency channels from mobile phones could increase the risk of brain tumor.


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