• Legs Strong, Healthy Heart Join

    Useful for supporting the feet of the upper body, foot addition can also be heart healthy. Intensively train the legs is useful for reducing symptoms of shortness of breath.
    Patients with heart failure to train legs with low-intensity exercise. The result, they tend to be symptoms of shortness of breath decrease. In fact, shortness of breath are common symptoms that occur in heart failure patients. Chronic heart failure occurs when the heart can no longer pump enough blood the body needs.
    Typically, this condition is caused by the declining quality of the heart and surrounding organs, such as coronary artery pain. Symptoms include shortness of breath, fatigue, and swelling in the legs and knees.
    Dr. Donna M Mancini of Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center, New York, connecting leg strength and benefit to patients with heart failure.
    Hypothesis suggests that leg exercises with weights sufficient to relieve shortness of breath in patients with heart failure. This exercise is considered capable of changing muscle metabolism so as to relieve shortness of breath.
    Useful addition to avoiding heart disease, exercise is also very effective to maintain stamina. "Just do a one-hour, two to three times a week, your leg muscles will be trained."
    During this time, many of the participants in the beginner fitness workout that focuses only on the upper body (chest muscles, back, shoulders, and hands). As a result, the upper body bigger. However, lower body tends to be small because it is not often practiced. This causes the body to be disproportionate.
    For women, of course, exercise the leg muscles will have an impact on performance. Start-to-toe ass to match. Leg muscle exercises are focused on the buttock, thigh muscles (quadriceps and hamstrings), calf, heel up.
    The thigh muscles of the body that has the most numerous and most large compared to other body parts (percentage of approximately 50% of the area around the front of the body muscles). Specifically for bodybuilders and fitnesmania, has a large thigh muscle, strong, and the proportion is very important to create balance with your upper body.
    The type of exercise can be done is with the help of the dumbbell, barbell, or machine. In fact, using any of our own body weight, leg muscle exercises can be done. Those who have an injury, either leg or back injury, to perform low-intensity exercise or using the tools of rubber bands (rubber), gym ball, or no additional expense.
    "The function of the load here is the tension (voltage increase) so that the muscles adapt. The amount is adjusted by ability. Do not forget also the position of the body to the feet. Special part of the stomach, its position must be active (pull cord to tighten the stomach or into), but the breathing is arrested, "said the graduate Ucu International Fitness Professionals Association (IFPA) and United started the fitness world since nine years ago.
    During an hour of exercise, fitness participants can share 10 minutes of cardio exercise as a warm-up, 45 minute core workout, and five minutes at the end of the stretching (stretching). Each movement can be done as many as three sets of 8 to 12 times the reps. There was no difference between men and women, except for the amount of load to be lifted.
    At the time of exercise also should be noticed that the setting of breath. Against the load, you should exhale. And vice versa. If you feel thirsty, do not hesitate to immediately drink either before, during, and after exercise.


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