• Simple Heart Healthy way

    Heart disease is a contributor to 29 percent of deaths worldwide each year. The whole world agrees to maintain cardiovascular health, which one way is to emphasize the importance of heart health awareness of self and family.

    The importance of the daily behavior of cardiovascular health care should be taken even from home. Each person should contribute to and prevent this disease does not attack yourself and loved ones.

    As a form of prevention so that the body does not have a heart attack, is recommended to you and your family to do the simple things the following:

    1. Do not expose your home from cigarettes

    If you smoke, quit or try to stop gradually. Secondhand smoke is very harmful for your health as well as the people closest to you.



    2. Provide healthy foods at home

    Start your day with a piece of fresh fruit such as tomatoes, oranges, apples. A glass of orange juice at breakfast would be very beneficial for your metabolism all day. Try to bring your own lunch from home. Make sure each meal contains at least 2-3 nights servings of vegetables per person.


    3. Being active people


    Limit television time to less than two hours a day. Get used to cycling or activities outside the home on a regular basis. Reduce driving a motor vehicle when traveling; would be healthier if you are walking or cycling.

    4. Memorize the 'number' you


    Visit your doctor regularly to check blood pressure, cholesterol, and your glucose levels, as well as to determine body mass index (BMI).


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