• Lack of Blood with the Blood of Different Low

    Symptoms of anemia or anemia caused by vitamin B12 deficiency. Before I discuss more about my anemia would provide little information about anemia, causes anemia, and how to overcome them. Actually, anemia is a condition in which the body has a number of red blood cells under normal or deficient production of red blood cells.

    Who would not want anything less blood disease or anemia. In addition to damaging labor productivity and creativity, people with anemia are also susceptible to other disease complications. That's because the immune system which is low compared with those without anemia.
    You feel easily tired, fatigued, lethargic, and lacking the spirit? Many things can cause this condition. Ranging from lack of vitamins to less blood. The latter is, people are often confused with calling it a condition of low blood. In fact, low blood and anemia are two entirely different conditions.
    So, what exactly is the most fundamental things that distinguish between the lack of blood with low blood? Here's some insight you need to know.

    - Less blood means the blood hemoglobin levels less than normal. Low blood pressure occurs when blood is measured with a blood pressure below normal. 

    - When less blood, the eyes and easy dizzy dizzy because of hemoglobin that carries oxygen around the body is less. Meanwhile, people who experience low blood, the same thing happen because there is movement up from sitting or squatting position so that the sudden flow of blood in the brain drops suddenly due to gravity. 

    - Less blood means there is a "substance" in the blood is reduced, whereas there is low blood pressure in blood vessels is reduced. Given these conditions, anemia can occur in conditions of low blood, normal, and is also high. 

    - The most common cause of anemia is a condition of iron deficiency. While the causes of low blood volume is usually influenced by blood, state of the blood vessels, and heart condition.
    Then, in order not to be the diseases that are harmful to the body, following the prevention and treatment you can do.

    Less Blood:
    *Can be overcome by taking the blood booster supplements that contain iron and vitamin C.
    *Consumption of such foods as meat and green vegetables.
    *Consumption of vitamin C to bind iron in the food you eat.
    *Do not drink tea after eating meat. Because, according to some studies, there is a substance called tannin in tea can actually inhibit the absorption of iron.

    Low blood:
    *Consuming food that contains lots of salt. Of course, the levels remained measurable.
    *Drink more fluids
    *For those who like sports, fluids containing sodium and potassium is recommended.
    *For those of you who like coffee or alcohol, immediately reduce or eliminate the habit.


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