• prohibited foods for heart health

    Food is an essential nutrient for people with heart disease. Of food can be planned to avoid recurrence of heart disease heart attack. Good nutrition for the narrator's heart disease is to eat lots of vegetarian foods, such as the type of grains, nuts, vegetables, and fruits.

    Heart disease is often difficult to detect so-called silent killer. Actually, quite easy and simple to avoid a heart attack. Way, adopting a healthy lifestyle. One of them, by choosing a healthy diet and avoid foods that contain high cholesterol.

    The type of food that spelled out 'illegal' that include:
    1. eggs
    Enough to eat eggs or moderate portions will not be dangerous indeed. But eating too many eggs or egg yolk products from can raise cholesterol, which can lead to increased risk of heart disease.

    2. processed foods
    Eating processed foods, like potato chips, hot dogs, or cheese products can lead to heart disease risk, especially if you eat them in large quantities.

    3. salt
    Salty foods, including canned soups, pasta, and vegetables and packaged snack foods usually contain added salt thus increasing the risk of heart disease.

    4. saturated fat
    Foods containing saturated fats including red meats, dairy products, and coconut and palm oils. Excessive in taking them can lead to heart disease risk by making the arteries harden and narrow.

    5. sugar
    While you think taka pa for snacking sweets, but in excessive amounts of sugary foods can lead to diabetes which are risk factors for heart disease.

    6. trans fat
    Trans fats are a type of fat that you may eat the food or fast food grilled.

    To make the heart is always in good health, lots of things you can do. Not only with exercise and diet, but also maintain the psychological condition is always stable.

    That is, do not let stress control you. Have a good stress management is key to a healthy heart always. In fact, stress is not addressed immediately could lead to high blood pressure and heart disease.

    One way to make you escape from stress is to have a hobby. By having a favorite, you have a fun activity that can reduce feelings of stress and depression. 


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