• 10 facts about the heart

    The heart is one organ that is vital and can affect human activities, such as:

    1. Sexual Attractiveness
    Study of 2500 men 49-54 years of age showed that men who orgasm at least three times (3X) of the week, the risk of death from coronary heart disease drops to half. Sexual activity can increase the heart beats up to two times (2X) folding and burn about 200 calories or the equivalent view of a quick run for 15 minutes.

    2. Women's heart
    Heart disease caused the death of 500,000 women in America each year or 50,000 more than men. Signs of heart attacks in women: shortness of breath, felt no pressure in the heart, such as runny nose, back pain and jaw.

    3. Cardiac repair
    If you have a broken heart, in the future may be improved, a number of experts is currently conducting a study on a red lizard in order to develop cell therapies for people who have damaged heart, this amphibious animal heart cells quickly to assist the recovery of heart muscle, similar in nature stem cells.

    4. From Heart to heart
    Communication with animals in a study by an expert indicates that heartbeat human animal is touched, it can replace the old method to determine a person's stress level.

    5. Big heart
    Someone with a big heart size turned out to mark the hidden heart disease. An enlarged heart commonly called "Dilated Cardiomyopathy", with its large size the heart to pump strongly enough to be blooded, and if maintained can result in heart failure.

    6. Laughing is Healthy
    Laughed until the tears, but also makes good sense to relax the walls of blood vessels (endothelium) and cause blood to flow smoothly for 45 minutes after the completion of a laugh. Damage to the endothelium can constrict blood vessels and lead to cardiovascular disease.

    7. Drink of Wine
    Grape skins contain lots of antioxidants is very good for health. White wine and red seem equally protective compounds causing the heart to be closed, so be careful with the favorite drink of the wine.

    8. Blood Trip
    Within a minute the heart can pump blood to every cell of the body, in a day about 100,000 gallons of heart rate was pumping fresh blood containing oxygen several times to a distance of 60,000 miles, or about 96 000 kilometers. The heart muscle must work extra hard to do it all, because the size of a fist size alone.

    9. Broken-Hearted
    According to the results of a study Disconnect love or sad because of the problem at hand can increase the risk of heart attack. Feelings of trauma as it also sparked the emergence of stress hormones into the bloodstream and make the heart was stopped for a moment.

    10. Love Signs
    Collection of blood-filled muscle called the heart of a universal symbol for love. The Greeks believed that the heart is the spirit of his residence, while china associate happiness, argues that the Egyptian people's feelings and intellectual ability emerges from the heart. So does anyone know the actual symbol of love that comes from nowhere at the beginning.


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