• Disease Bronchial Asthma

    Asthma is a condition where the airways are narrowed because hyperactivity to certain stimuli, causing inflammation and narrowing of the airways (bronchial / bronchial). Although this narrowing is temporary, but for people affected by asthma attack will experience a recurrent shortness of breath accompanied by the sound of breath, coughing, especially at night because the smooth muscles of the throat branches in a state of spasm that required special handling of these asthma sufferers.

    An asthma attack can occur suddenly marked by breath sounds. Asthma occurs slowly with symptoms also gradually gets worse if no immediate action treatment.

    There are many triggers that cause disease such as allergic asthma where the cause can be house dust, animal dander, cigarette smoke, smoke coils, and so forth.

    Disease bronchial asthma

    Asthma are legion, but most people are more familiar with the type of bronchial asthma because it's kind of asthma is the most sufferers. Bronchial asthma is asthma (shortness of breath) that arise due to narrowing of the breathing.

    Bronchial asthma is characterized by increased bronchial responsiveness to various stimuli with the manifestation of a widespread narrowing of the airway and the frequency can change either spontaneously or in stages that can occur at any time.

    Asthma is one chronic disease (chronic) patients in the world with an estimated 300 million people worldwide suffer from this type of asthma.


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