• What is it Symptoms of Lung wet?

    It never hurts us more aware of the symptoms of pneumonia. Pneumonia in medical science called Pheumonia which means infection or inflammation of the lungs caused by viruses, bacteria and fungi. Most people underestimate this disease because the symptoms are very unpredictable. Viruses, bacteria and fungi that exist around us will cause the affected lung wet. So everyone can be miserable if you do not maintain and pay attention to good health.

    The bacteria enter the body via the respiratory tract and cause infection in the lungs. Well, this is what will lead to bacterial pneumonia. We recognize the symptoms of pneumonia below:
        a). Palms of the hands and feet were cold and often wet (sweat).
        b). Shortness of breath.
        c). Cough accompanied by phlegm.
        d). Chest pain when coughing.

    For natural medicine, you do not often try to be outside. Especially at night. Because it was outside the house at night or staying up late is the highest factor that causes pneumonia. You can eat the mangosteen fruit. Because of the mangosteen fruit contains anti-oxidants, vitamins and minerals.

    If you are accustomed to using a fan in your room, immediately stop using it. Because the wind that blows to the body to give effect negetif. After taking a fan of your body will feel a bit hot and wanted to sneeze.

    Besides do sports. Perspiration will reduce wet lung disease. Can be compared after frequent exercise and before exercising. Regular exercise will keep your hands and feet that were previously often sweat, will be reduced sweating and dry hands. Stop smoking. Because cigarettes contain many toxins harmful to the lungs. If the wet lung disease that you are suffering still continues, immediately consult a doctor before its too late and more severe.

    That's a healthy tips on symptoms of pneumonia. Let's recognize the signs of the disease in the body so that we can resolve them quickly.


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