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    Diabetes mellitus is a medical disorder where a person's blood sugar levels are high because the sugar in the blood can not be used by the body. Diabetes Mellitus also known as blood sugar disease or diabetes who have a considerable number of people around the world.In people with healthy carbohydrates in the food you eat is converted into glucose which will be distributed throughout the cell body to be used as energy by the help of insulin. In people who suffer from diabetes, glucose entry into cells is difficult because little or no insulin in the body substance. As a result, blood glucose levels will be high which can provide negative side effects or adverse.Disease to be caused by disease of blood sugar is impaired eyesight, cataracts, heart disease, kidney disease, sexual impotence, poor healing wounds and decay, infections of the lung, blood vessel disorders, stroke and so on. Not uncommon for patients with severe limb amputations due to decay. Therefore it is highly recommended to do a serious treatment for patients with and implement / lead a healthy lifestyle and good for those who are healthy and already ill.

    Why is diabetes mellitus of traditional medicine can help cure diabetes?

     Mangosteen fruit contains a high concentration of antioxidants, carbohydrates, and fiber. it is also rich in vitamins and minerals. Because of these properties, can help improve blood circulation, immune system, and helps the body to combat shortages and disease naturally.

    Now let us return to the relationship between mangosteen and diabetes. Both have been linked for some time and it is believed that the mangosteen fruit may help lower blood sugar levels. According to Dr. Templeman, although laboratory experiments human trials are not enough or no, he was convinced by the clinical results that xanthones (a powerful antioxidant found in the pericarp of the mangosteen) act to reduce insulin resistance, which is defective in type 2 diabetes. In addition, German treats peripheral neuropathy with the antioxidant, and all headed for diabetic complications caused by free radical damage. Therefore, it is reasonable to conclude that the antioxidant power of mangosteen is also seen in the results that have been reported.according to preliminary studies, the other benefits of mangosteen juice indicate that xamthone may protect against Alzheimer's disease, heart disease, and many other diseases. Even some doctors have been giving juice to patients who suffer from infection, fever, diarrhea, eczema, and general body aches.What is the value of tropical mangosteen fruit for people who suffer from diabetes? The amount of antioxidants present in the mangosteen offers several benefits for diabetes mellitus penedrita particularly in improving the immune system and lowers blood cholesterol levels.Powerful antioxidants present in this fruit showed strong to effectively improve glucose control in patients with pancreas continues to produce insulinAntioxidants are molecules which can safely interact with free radicals and thereby prevent damage to body cells.


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