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    The heart is the most important organ in the human body because the heart is required to pump blood throughout the body so the body gets oxygen and nutrients much needed by the body's metabolism. Therefore, we must keep our heart health in order to perform its functions properly, and the body becomes healthy. The disease is classified as a disease that is very dangerous, because it can cause death in people. To cure this disease may need a very strong drug so that the disease is cured with a total.

    Heart disease is a condition where the heart function itself does not run with the mend. The heart is a muscular organ, conical, hollow, with its base above and below the peak. Heart in order to function as an efficient pump, the heart muscles, the cavity top and bottom of the cavity must contract in turn. The rate of heartbeat or pulse-pumping action is controlled naturally by a "rhythm control".

    A. Causes of Heart Disease

    The disease is caused by the narrowing and blockage of them occurred in the arteries. That is because the buildup of fatty substances like cholesterol and nasty triglycerides disease in the artery wall at the bottom section.

    B. Symptoms of Heart Disease

    Heart disease is the onset of symptoms can result from blockage of heart arteries that cause chest pain, shortness of breath is often depicted with a sometimes involve jaw, left shoulder or hand.
     Often experience tightness in the chest sometimes only considered ordinary colds, Do not ever underestimate the event of shortness of breath because this condition is one of the symptoms of heart disease. In the event it goes immediately and consult your medicine is known to have contracted the disease or not, because if left untreated will result in further fatal.

    There are some hidden symptoms of heart disease, which is feeling like heartburn, but had never suffered from this gastrointestinal disorder. Symptom is usually heartburn suddenly appeared on arising on early morning until 10 am. This occurs because of increased sympathetic nerve in the morning.

    C. Prevention of Heart Disease

    This disease can be prevented with a variety of things you should consider, starting with improving lifestyle as a regular 30-minute walk, stopping smoking, balanced diet, maintaining weight, as well as treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure is a good start and controlling the risk factors, thereby reducing the chance of getting heart disease.
    In addition, you also have to avoid obesity / overweight and high cholesterol. Start by eating more vegetables, fruits, grains, canola, and fish. It can do every day so you can avoid this very dangerous disease.

    D. Traditional Treatment of Heart Disease

    The traditional medicines are often done to cure it is to use the recipe:.
    a. 3 betel leaves
    b. 3 pack of red onion.
    c. 14 cubeb fruit seeds (7 pairs), and
    d. small scoop of white cumin.
    How to make a potion:
    A. The ingredients above (except the white cumin) you wash them clean, then mixed together and ground into powder.
    2. When you have a smooth, give 4 tablespoons of cooking water.
    3. You stir, then enter, the water in a glass by using a sieve.
    4. Drink potions as above every day 2 times, namely in the morning and sore.hari. Try it! hopefully you can feel the results.


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