• Fruit Juice for Heart Health

    As we all know about the things contained in the fruits. Will discuss the benefits and also the function of fruit juice is good for the heart.
    All fruit juices have their own benefits, either made only of one type of fruit or a mixture of several kinds of fruit. But to get the maximum benefit of juice, a combination of the following 7 pieces proved most beneficial for the heart.
    Fruit juice concoction called supersmoothie among others consists of 4 types of fruit that is quite popular and easily available in any supermarket. These four fruits are grapes, apples and berries which are 2 types of blueberries and stawberry.
    Enhancements may sound a bit familiar, such as cowberry or lingonberry, red fruit that is still closely related to the cranberry. There was also acerola, cherry-like fruits contain vitamin C and 30 times more than oranges.
    Mixture of the latter is also somewhat familiar, that is a kind of chokeberry, or Aronia American blackberry which is touted as the world's most healthful berry fruit. There are 3 variants of chokeberry, but used in a mixture of variants supersmoothie is black.
    To obtain approximately 200 ml of juice supersmoothie, the mixture is as follows:
    126 ml of grape juice (about 30 grains)20 ml blueberries (about 15 grains)Stawberry 20 ml (about 9 items)20 ml apple (about half a point)10 ml lingonberry (about 8 cloves)8 ml of acerola (about 5 points)8 ml chokeberry (about 5 grains).
    This recipe is obtained in a study at the University of Strasbourg, which compares the 13 kinds of fruit juice combinations. When tested in pigs, the most effective combination supersmoothie maintain healthy artery or vein wall.
    The findings are then tested on 80 volunteers and the results are not much different. Giving supersmoothie juice can increase blood flow, so that it can maintain a balance of nutrients and oxygen delivery to various organs in the body.
    The researchers believe this benefit is obtained from the content of polyphenols contained in each fruit used. Most of the polyphenols are known even to ward off free radicals, one of the triggers cell damage, premature aging and cancer.
    "However, we do not know for sure why certain fruits have a higher polyphenol. A clear, more diverse fruit that we eat the more diverse the benefits," said Tracy Parker of the British Heart Foundation commented on the results of these studies.
    However fruit juice contains less fiber than fresh fruit. Calorie content is also higher because it is often added sugar, so it is not advisable to drink more than 5 times a day.


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