• Avocado good for the heart

    Avocado fruit can be used in addition to food, can also be a drink and it was also very tasty. However, many people who avoid it by reason of fear of fatness. In fact, if eaten regularly fruit that has the form sexsi were able to prevent heart disease.Behind it tastes good, it turns green-skinned fruit has good nutrition is important to keep and maintain the health of our heart. Not only avocado are good for our heart health. But there are many more other types of food that is good for the heart, such as eating eggs in the recommended amount has an impact both to maintain health and protect our heart.Now, there is no reason to avoid avocado because of the relatively high fat content. Because the content of fat in an avocado is fairly good and contain monounsaturated which can lower LDL (bad cholesterol) and raise HDL (good cholesterol) in our body.Levels of avocado fat content is fairly high at about 71-80% or about 20 times larger than the fruit. However, these fats contain monounsaturated fatty acids or unsaturated fats to stay. The fact, the fat in the diet can reduce levels of triglycerides or blood fats known as bad cholesterol. Do not hesitate to eat an avocado, but it also eats the eggs.Eggs are also good for those of you who get into trouble with your heart. Cholesterol eggs are also very high, but if eaten too much or not, is still fairly safe for our bodies.For in one egg provides 215 mg, 300 mg while the body needs good cholesterol levels that the body needs. Karennya, if the amount of cholesterol in our bodies are still normal, still able to eat an egg a day.Therefore, Watch for in choosing foods. Try to choose healthy foods that can reduce and neutralize the bad fats in our body.


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