Can not be denied again, that exercise is important for maintaining heart health. Unfortunately, there are many who never moved to take the time to do so. Yet it took only 30 minutes.
    Desire to have a healthy heart is not enough without a strong intention. The biggest obstacle is often come from within ourselves. At the moment it feels like to exercise hard to implement.
    However, the heavy flavor is typically experienced by people who claim to be modern humans. They average claim is difficult to provide the time, although just a few minutes a day for exercise. Office workers who spent all day in the room for example. Sports? Which was? it usually says a few of them.
    The reason, in addition to already tired, various kinds of work takes time and effort. In big cities they are often stuck in traffic on the way to go or the home office, so the mood for a workout is completely gone. Sports activities were no longer interesting, because the energy and thoughts are drained.
    Finally, the remaining time is allocated for leisure, rest, or go straight to bed. Understandably, the next day had to be up early again, before re-starting a new activity.
    Workers are not the office is often difficult to set specific times for exercise. Ah, I've already working hard with muscle. It was enough. No need to seek additional perspiration, said a number of field workers.
    Working in the field, especially in the hot sun, it was lure enough perspiration from the pores of the body. In wet conditions, such basahan, cooking does still need to exercise more?. With so many reasons to avoid it, is not easy to lead yourself to exercise discipline.
    Even though the sport has been linked to heart health, there are still some reluctance. Thus, the method and type of exercise should be completely right, so that interest remains high sweat. Want to know what kind of sport or exercise what is recommended, in order to keep the heart healthy?
    Try Aerobics
    Sport is obviously very necessary and needed by everyone, especially those who want a healthy heart and body. Without exception and indiscriminately.
    But for some people, the lack of adequate facilities and infrastructure are often a barrier to exercise. As if synonymous with sports shoes, equipment, and expensive equipment. In fact, the real exercise for the heart is simple. Enough to undergo aerobic exercise.
    Type of exercise is recommended, not the kind of sports achievement or the nature of competition, such as badminton or tennis court. Sports and nature of competition is not aerobic. Although exercise also stimulate the heart, but irregularly.
    The tempo of the game could have a sudden quick or sudden slowing. It is recommended for walking, running, swimming, cycling, or gymnastics healthy heart.
    Since this type of sports in the category of aerobic exercise that stimulate the heart gradually. Own understanding of aerobic exercise is exercise that stimulate the heart to pick up oxygen as much as possible, in order to meet the needs of oxygen throughout the body.
    Beware of 4-T
    Of exercise are recommended before, we select only one of the easy and inexpensive to implement, such as walking or running.EitZZ, do not rush first. The spirit may be burning, but there is a need to consider before starting.
    If you want to get optimal results and avoid things that are not desirable, it is worth before carrying out aerobic exercise, heart health check first. You see, from experience, once there are people who are so vigorous exercise for heart disease menghindani, eh edges even heart attack.
    That may be because the oxygen supply is not met. Oxygen supply and oxygen needs are not met with a fitting by the heart. Therefore, the aerobic exercise to consider the principle of 4T, the orderly, measured, directed, and supervised.
    Heart checked before exercising a lot of benefits. Passing the examination that we can know the condition of the coronary blood vessels, heart and organ work. Minimal regular check ECG, treadmill exercise plus. From the results of that examination will be made as to what exercise program is suitable. Make it more secure and also obtain optimal benefits yaug.
    About the training program, there is a simple formula that diamhil of the Frank-Starling law Law of the Heart. Formula that can be followed to measure the portion of practice. Before practice, we can determine the maximum pulse rate targets may be achieved when training.
    Target maximum pulse rate during exercise can be obtained by simple calculations, ie 220 per minute (target pulse rate exercise) minus age. The result will show the target maximum pulse rate. While the target of a minimum of training pulse is calculated by: 220 per minute (target pulse rate exercise) minus age, then multiplied by 85%.
    For example, target training people aged 50 years. Exercise maximum pulse 220-50 = 170 per minute. Then the minimal training pulse (220-50) x 85% = 144.5 per minute. From the results it obtained a count of the exercise zone, ie, between 144.5 to 170 pulses per minute. So. to achieve aerobic conditions, a person aged 50 years, when exercising his pulse must be more than 144.5 per minute, but not more than 170 per minute.
    If you exceed the limits, can result in cardiac fatigue. That is why the measured and supervised exercise are important.
    What about duration?
    It turned out pretty 30-60 minutes. So. not too time-consuming. Keep in mind, before the exercise begins, you should warm up or stretch muscles first, to avoid injury. Also, in order to increase the pulse rate may occur in phases, do not go up drastically.
    While pascalatihan, covered with a cooling down, or cooling with his breath until her pulse returned to normal. The frequency of exercise is also noteworthy. Do not just because the body so lightly because of sports, then become addicted. For starters, the body needs a recovery for 48 hours.
    So we need a two-day intervals for the next workout. Thus, the amount of exercise three times a week can be programmed for example. Else if the person who has been trained, such as a football athlete. Fatigue they can recover in just 24 hours, so can every day to exercise.
    Start now
    So, really not too difficult to start olaraga. So, do not delay anymore, start from now.Even for those who never exercised once, the recommendation also applies. Therefore, to gain fitness, sports do not have to weigh the athlete.
    Office workers who claimed to have a busy bunch and still be exercising by using the time after the lunch hour. Rather than spend an hour to chat in the canteen or cafe, why not spend time 10-15 minutes to walk around the office?
    It could also, when they wanted to go back to the office, do not treat yourself to take the elevator. Choose a path that more fishing perspiration, such as using the stairs. This method must be done according to the abilities and needs. If the 30-floor office space, so just explore the stairs to floor 3 or 4 only.
    Not only those who are entering childbearing age who need to exercise to maintain a healthy heart. Old people and children also need to exercise. Even seniors who can not walk or even stand still able to do gymnastics while sitting or lying down.
    In other words, whatever the circumstances, the sport is still needed. With enough exercise, endurance will increase. The bones also become stronger, as well as the body's metabolic processes will work and work well. For those who want to avoid heart disease early on, the sport became one of the best solution.
    If normal blood circulation, heart organ will work according to function. Various disorders are reluctant to come. But again, you should benkonsultasi before deciding to do one type of exercise. Especially those who already suffer from diseases, such as high blood pressure, chest pain, shortness of breath, or you who had not previously been exercising at all.
    Come, prepare jogging shoes, we are walking or jogging 30 minutes!


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